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René Yoshino has lived in the Pacific Northwest since leaving college; Montana State University in Bozeman, the town in which she was born. She started her working life as a bookkeeper on a boat in Alaska, after which she became a staff accountant and purchasing agent for Tyson Seafood in Seattle.

After marrying and starting her family, René devoted herself to her four children, homeschooling three daughters and a son. After the children were grown, she imagined pursuing her hobby, creating quilts.  But she tells the story of how all her plans changed.

“My husband is a CFO, while I am a trained bookkeeper,” she explains, “but when we invited our financial advisor over to our house to discuss the future, we realized we had no plan, no handle on our financial affairs, and did not really understand how money works. And if WE didn’t, our friends probably would not know much either!”

Inspired to help others in a similar situation, today René is a Fiduciary Financial Advisor at Primerica, which few will know is the largest financial services marketing organization in the world, with 135,000 agents. The business model is unique: simply word-of-mouth and referrals. She loves working directly with the families who are her clients. “I sit down with them and help them find the money they are wasting, how they can use their money better, and how they can plan for the future, to have enough money to pursue their goals and dreams. We build a complimentary financial needs analysis (FNA). ” Her clients are all ages, but she has learned she can be most helpful to 30- to 50-year-olds, experienced enough to know what is ahead, and ready to implement a strategy.

Primerica offers the full range of Insurance and Investment products, along with Mortgages, Home Security, Legal Protection, ID Theft Protection and Medicare Supplemental plans. “What I love about this company is we only do what's 100% right for people. We have safeguards in place to ensure that everything we recommend meet our clients’ needs and circumstances.”

René still pursues quilt-making, “and I do like to sew, especially clothes for kids and grandkids, like Princess dresses.”  Her husband Craig Yoshino is the CFO of Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation. The couple lives on Tiger Mountain in South Issaquah in the woods with their cat Subaru. Their children all still live in the area, and René and Craig have six grandchildren all under 6, with one more on the way.

René hosts “Financial Wellness Seminars” and “Lunch and Learn” meetings for small businesses to teach employees how Money Works, which often increases productivity by taking money worries off their minds.

Just like any business, René is looking to expand, and is always looking for good- hearted people who would like to become Primerica Representatives, although, it’s not for everyone. “It suits those who are entrepreneurial by nature; those who want an additional income outside of work; or those who want the flexibility to set their own hours,” she explains. “It is very rewarding to be a Primerica Investment Advisor, calling your own shots, and thus helping the people you care about most.”

René comes to her work with a heart to show middle-income Americans how to get ahead, out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, and to generate lasting wealth and ownership. She helps families earn more income, become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. On her website she offers several free resources such as a Budget Worksheet and a resourceful E-book on “How Money Works.”

René invites everyone interested to contact her to learn more at https://livemore.net/renelyoshino.

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